Spring And Fall Are The Best Times Of The Year To Have Your HVAC Looked At

In the spring and fall, you are probably spoiled by relatively perfect temperatures. So the last thing you might be concerned about is your heating and cooling system.  But these two seasons are actually the best times of the year to get your heating and cooling systems checked out and in order. And while you are doing that, you should also suggest to your elderly parents or relatives to have their systems checked out, as well. Why? Because the spring and fall tend to be the least busy times of the year for these heating and cooling service companies. Why is this so important?

Fire Danger

Space Heaters

According to the Colleton Today, the second most common cause of residential fires is home heating equipment, especially space heaters. In fact, approximately 33 percent of heating device-related fires were started by portable or stationary space heaters.  Worse, these units were responsible for more than 80 percent of the deaths that resulted from a home heating accident. Unfortunately, you may be forced to rely on these units if your heating system should fail during a cold spell. You should take the following steps if you do need to use a space heater:

  • Always turn a space heater off if you are not in a room with it.
  • Make sure to keep anything flammable -- such as clothing -- approximately three feet away from the space heater. 


In desperation, some people also try to use a fireplace to heat their homes when their heating systems fail, which can also be very dangerous. If you must use your fireplace during a cold spell for heat, always make sure to: 

  • Close the screen while it is in use. Otherwise, hot sparks could leap out and catch your carpeting or other flammable materials on fire. 
  • Make sure that the fire is completely out when you go to sleep. According to HGTV, a fireplace should not be used for longer than five hours. 
  • Have your chimney cleaned on a regular basis. Otherwise dangerous, flammable creosote can build up in your chimney, which could catch fire.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Cold and heat can drive people to desperation. Some people have actually even used their oven or other dangerous methods to get heat. And in the summer months, some people will turn to generators to keep the food in their refrigerator from going bad. However, the following devices or appliances should never be used inside your home -- even if you are desperate to stay warm in the winter or to get some cooling relief in the summer -- as they can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning:

  • Charcoal-burning barbecue grill.
  • Heaters designed for outdoor use, such as those that construction workers might use. 
  • Clothing dryers. 
  • Generators. They should not be placed in the garage and never in your home. 

Maintenance of Your Heating and Cooling Systems

One of the best ways to ensure that your heating and cooling systems will be there when you need them is to sign a maintenance agreement with a service company and then to have them check your unit during the spring and fall months. That way, you can have any repairs done before you actually need your unit. In addition, most heating and cooling service companies will typically take care of their contracted customers first. So if, for instance, a cold spell hits, and you as well as a lot of other people suddenly experience problems with HVAC systems, a service company like Christian Brothers Plumbing Repipe/Broken Water Pipe Service is more likely to tend to the needs of their regular customers rather than a person calling in to them for the first time.