Why Tree Injections Are The Secret Ingredient For Arborists Everywhere

Planting trees on your property is one of the best ways to provide it with esthetic flair, but it can also serve an important functional role, too. Planted in the right pattern, your trees can do everything from offer you privacy to block out harsh winds or sun. While the majority of outdoor trees can be planted and maintained with ease, sometimes problems do occur. That's when arborists everywhere turn to tree injections--the secret ingredient when solving a variety of issues. Learn about the issues injections can resolve in this helpful guide.

Emerald Ash Borer Infestations

This invasive pest is easily identifiable when not burrowed into your tree. Its bright green, metallic carapace is shaped similar to a grasshopper.

The emerald ash borer can quickly devastate ash species by burrowing in and eating through the heart of the tree. Once inside, it tends to lay eggs that also hatch and continue the destruction. This makes treating the tree extremely difficult without doing additional damage. Thankfully, an injection of tree-safe pesticide directly into transport tissues is proven to help eradicate them safely.

Emerald ash borer infestations must be treated in the spring for maximum effectiveness.

Diplodia Tip Blight

If you have coniferous trees, you may potentially need to do battle with Diplodia tip blight at some point. Sometimes referred to as pine wilt, it turns the needles on these trees a rusty brown color. In advanced cases, small black deposits will be found at the tip of each diseased needle.

Because of the permanent damage done by this disease, trees with severe wilt may need to be culled. If ignored, this issue can spread quickly and may even devastate an entire stand of trees. This is why prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to Diplodia tip blight.

Injections of a chemical called abamectin can be given during the growing season. These will effectively prevent Diplodia tip blight from ever taking hold in the first place.

Iron Chlorosis and Manganese Deficiency

Just like humans, trees can become anemic or deficient in certain minerals. Iron chlorosis occurs when a tree is deficient in both iron and manganese. When a tree suffers from this issue, leaves will become weak, yellow, and thin. Veins tend to stay green, while the leaf itself is what bleaches out. In advanced cases of chlorosis, you may even see leaves that turn partially white.

Tree injections can also be an excellent treatment for this condition, especially when the state of the tree is quite advanced. By injecting a solution that contains a mixture of both minerals, you are effectively giving the tree an IV of each crucial mineral. This can supply the tree with enough nutrients to keep it alive until other measures can be taken to treat and prevent it in the future.

Failure to Thrive in Leafy Trees

Sometimes the problem isn't as easy to pinpoint. Your tree may grow slower than most of the others beside it, or it may go through stages of bright, green leaves and then stages of wilt and leaf drop. If you've gone through the traditional list--check for parasites, check for deficiencies, check for water levels--and you still have problems, a generalized injection solution may help.

These solutions deliver a mixture of important minerals, growth boosters, and stimulators to help your tree create bright, green leaves and strong branches. They are usually species-specific, as each tree differs in what it needs.

Most formulas are simple to use and can be delivered without the help of an arborist. If your tree has experienced issues with small root areas, damage caused by soil disruption, disease, toxic runoff, fire, frost or floods, this can be a very effective way to bring it back to health.

Generalized health solutions can also be used to prevent death after transplant, surgery, or pruning. Simply put, they are the equivalent of feeding your tree a healthy, balanced diet when used correctly.

Growing trees is an incredible hobby and a fantastic way to connect with mother nature. While solving the occasional issue can be complex, there's plenty of ways to maintain and rescue your trees in an emergency. For more information on how to make injections work for you, contact an arborist today by contacting a company like Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc.