Creating A Breathtaking Bathroom With A Glass Door Shower

Open any home design magazine, and you're sure to find at least one picture of a stunning bathroom with glass shower doors. There's no denying that a shower with glass doors really adds beauty to your bathroom, but there are many options to consider, and not every glass shower door is perfect for your bathroom. Check out these three questions to help you determine the perfect glass door for your shower.

Do You Want Framed or Frameless Doors?

Glass shower doors can come with or without frames. Shower doors without frames are typically the most desirable because they create that modern style that helps make your bathroom look bigger. In fact, the number one benefit of frameless doors is that they are the best looking option. Unfortunately, they aren't very functional. With these doors, it's common to see water slopping out onto the bathroom floor. Plus, frameless shower doors tend to cost about 40 percent more than framed doors, and they are more complicated to install.

Glass shower doors with frames don't have that idealist look that frameless shower doors have, but they are less expensive and more functional. They tend to have a strip of rubber than runs along the frame. This rubber helps keep the water and steam inside the shower, creating less mess on your bathroom floor. The actual frame comes in many styles, including silver, chrome, dark bronze and brushed nickel, so you can find the perfect one for your bathroom.

Would You Prefer a Sliding or Pivoting Door?

This question goes hand in hand with the first one because most sliding glass shower doors have frames, and most pivoting glass shower doors don't have frames. Of course, the pivoting glass shower doors are the most appealing and stylish, but they aren't perfect for every bathroom. If you have a smaller bathroom, a pivoting door can take up too much space, making your bathroom look smaller and awkward. You can choose frameless doors that slide, but most people who choose frameless doors prefer ones that pivot.

Sliding glass doors with frames don't take up any space, making them great for smaller bathrooms. On the downside, however, sliding glass doors are harder to clean. You don't just have to clean the glass, you have to clean the metal, including the narrow metal track which is prone to collecting water and soap scum. Failing to properly keep this area clean allows it to rust, which may affect how well the door slides.

Which is Better: Clear or Non-Clear Glass?

The last decision you'll need to make is what type of glass you want. Clear glass is definitely the most popular because it is what creates that modern, big look for your shower. However, with clear glass, it's easier to see all the soap scum and water marks you forgot to clean. Plus, it offers no privacy when you are in the shower.

Other glass options may not be as popular, but they still offer a unique appearance. Options include tinted, patterned, frosted and obscured. Not only do these types of glass styles offer more privacy, but they make it harder to notice any spots you may have forgotten to clean. For the most privacy possible, choose frosted or obscured glass.

Regardless of the size or style of your bathroom, there is a glass shower door that will compliment it. These three questions are designed to help guide you in finding the perfect one for your bathroom. For more information about installing a glass shower door or other upgrades to your bathroom, contact a custom glass company or bathroom remodel contractor.