4 Tips For Making An Inspirational Landscape

If you enjoy writing, photography or fine art, the visual appeal of your property can give you an infinite amount of inspiration for your future creations. There are ways to transform your landscape into an artistic paradise.

Play With Color

Include various plants to provide you with color throughout most of the seasons. Use the color wheel to guide your color choices. Colors on opposite sides of the color wheel are complementary and can help you when choosing neighboring plants. Think beyond flowers when incorporating color. Many herbs have attractive flowers and you can use them in cooking or teas. Additionally, miniature versions of fruits and vegetables can serve multiple purposes and are easier to grow and maintain.

Avoid limiting yourself to typical garden flowers, which may have a limited growing season. You want to consider adding plants and shrubs that will offer vivid colors during the cooler months. Holly is one example of a plant that provides color in the cooler months. The small pops of red in an otherwise barren time of year will add visual interest.

You may ignore green when building your landscape, because it is common in trees and shrubs. However, you can make green an interesting color in your landscape if you use it in contrast with other colors. Planting ivy against a white fence or red brick wall will create an interesting effect, especially variants of ivy with many shades of green.

Attract Birds And Butterflies

Small birds and butterflies are a great source of inspiration and watching them can be relaxing. Think of plants birds can use as a source of food or shelter when planning your landscape. For example, if you want to attract native hummingbirds, you might plant flowers with a vase-like shape. Most hummingbirds have a long, slender beak, making these flowers are more attractive to them because it is easier for them to extract nectar from cylindrical flowers.

You will want to include birdfeeders and/or nectar to help supplement the diet of different types of birds. Butterflies will also benefit from feeders if you have difficulties growing plants they like. Well-maintained feeders will increase the likelihood of having regular visitors to your property. Additionally, hummingbirds and butterflies can help pollinate your plants.

Include A Water Source

A water source offers several benefits. Some creatures you want to attract to your landscape will need a place to drink or bathe, which will make your property more desirable. The sound of flowing water from a fountain can be relaxing, especially if the flow of water travels over rocks. If you choose to have a water feature, you want water that is constantly moving to minimize the chance mosquitos will choose your water source as a breeding ground. Otherwise, you will need to routinely dump and replace stagnant water.

Dragonflies are a great addition to your landscape and you will want to make efforts to attract them. They are not harmful because they do not bite or sting and they help keep mosquito populations under control in the warmer months. Many people find dragonflies also offer artistic inspiration because many are colorful and fun to watch.

Take In The Sights

Whether you need a place for your artist easel or to relax and enjoy the view, your landscape planning should include a seating and work area. Include a small table with a foldable umbrella so you can continue to enjoy the outdoors even if it is raining or the sun is especially harsh. You may want to position your seating area to maximize the view of sunsets and sunrises. Consider adding reclining seating to your property so you can easily view the night sky.

If you are artistically inclined, consider turning your landscape into an ever-changing source of artistic inspiration. Simple additions to your landscape can beautify your property.