Concrete Driveway Resurfacing: 4 Benefits Of Adding Border Designs

When concrete driveways are weathered or cracked, you have the option of resurfacing the area instead of having it completely replaced. Instead of choosing the same design for your driveway, you have a number of design options that can be done with the concrete. One of these options is adding border designs between concrete slabs. These designs can add nice elements to the driveway, go around the edges, and across the center of the slabs. Along with creating nice curb appeal, there are four benefits to choosing concrete border designs for the driveway. These benefits can go a long way with all different types of homes.

Parking Spots

Borders that go around the edges of driveways and cut up the middle of slabs can create natural parking areas for your home. This is especially helpful if you have two or more cars that park in the driveway on a daily basis. Instead of guessing exactly where your vehicle is parked, the borders can help give you a natural visual guide while pulling into the driveway. Borders on the edge of the driveway can also help you while reversing out. The contrast between the border design and the base concrete can prevent you driving up on the lawn or the surrounding area.


Borders on your concrete driveway are a great way to set up various types of landscaping designs around the driveway. For example, you can pick from different color patterns on the border to help match plants and flowers that go along the driveway. The borders can also be installed with paver lights that create great visuals for your driveway and landscaping at night. When paver stones are used for the concrete borders, holes can be drilled into them so that the solar-powered paver lights can be installed. The lights lay flat with the stone and have a protective casing so that vehicles can drive over them without causing any damage. At night, the lights automatically turn on and illuminate the driveway area.

Snow Shoveling & Blowing

During the winter months, resurfaced concrete with borders can make snow clearing a lot easier. As you shovel and use a snow blower, the borders on your driveway can act as a guide to dig your way out of the snow. The borders on the edge of the driveway can prevent shovels from digging into dirt and tearing up your lawn. The same type of guidance applies to snow blowers, too. If a snow blower reaches your lawn, it can dig up grass, dirt, and cause a lot of damage. The borders are the perfect indicators and can help you clear the snow as close to the edge as needed.

Children's Play Zones

If you have children living in the home, driveway borders are great for creating play zones and recreational areas. For example, you can tell a child to stay within a specific bordered area while playing. This includes a variety of driveway activities like chalk, skateboarding, or riding a bike. By having these natural boundaries set in place, you can keep your children in a location that is safe and away from the street.

Concrete borders are also ideal for setting up natural zones for sports. For example, if you have a basketball hoop in your driveway, the borders can be used to set foul lines, three point lines, and out of bounds areas. The lines can also be used to set up other sports like roller hockey or four square. When getting the resurfacing done, you can request specific border areas to help represent the lines for the sports that are played in the driveway.

Concrete resurfacing companies can create all types of custom designs for your driveway. Work with them to plan out the perfect design, material, and border shapes. You can check out a site like to find a concrete resurfacing company.