Have A Damaged Sliding Glass Door? What To Know About Repairs

If you are having problems with a sliding glass door anywhere in the home and you fear that it's going to become a safety hazard and let in air and bugs, you want to call a door repair specialist right away. You don't want to leave your home at the risk of being intruded or exposed to the other problems that can arise when you have a broken sliding glass door in the home. Here are a few of the things you want to consider doing while you debate repair and replacement and have an expert at the home.

Repair the Sliding Door

If you don't want to pay for the cost of a new door and a new system, have the existing sliding door repaired. The problem may just be the track that the door runs on or the components of the door. The door repair expert will come to get the door opening and closing smoothly, to make sure there are no safety concerns, and to ensure that the door isn't an energy problem.

Add Overhead Locks

If safety is a concern there are locks you can get that go on the top of the door. Top of the door locks are ideal because:

  • They can't be accessed by kids
  • They are on the inside, so a potential intruder can't pick or damage them
  • The locks are easy to install on any door

These overhead locks are going to give you peace of mind that the door will stay locked when you want it to.

Add Tint

If you worry about privacy and efficiency, look into adding tint when you have the overhead locks installed and the door repaired. The tint will help prevent sunlight from causing glares through the window, while still allowing a lot of natural light to flow through the space.

If the door can't be repaired to get the door functioning 100 percent, then you may want to make the decision to have the door replaced. Ask the door repair and replacement professional how safe they think the door is, and how much energy you could save by replacing the door with a more energy efficient option. There are a lot of different problems that occur when you don't have strong and reliable doors protecting your home, so don't ignore the problem you have with your sliding glass door and get it repaired quickly.

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