Demolishing & Reconstructing An Old Bridge

A backyard pond with a bridge over it is a nice feature to have when it comes to owning a house. However, the bridge can take away from the beauty of the pond when it is in a bad condition. You can bring more appeal to the pond by getting the bridge demolished so a new one can be constructed. If you want the bridge demolished in the fastest amount of time possible, a drilling and blasting contractor should be hired for the task. This article will give you more insight about a few of the services that you might be able to get from a drilling and blasting contractor.

1. Handling the Legal Aspects of Bridge Demolishing

Don't assume that you can get the bridge demolished simply because it is on our property. There might actually be regulations in place that forbids demolishing. For instance, if you live in a historic house, the bridge might have to remain present. There might also be a certain way in which demolishing must be done. It is in your best interest to find out if a permit is needed before you move forward with the project.

2. Finding a Reliable Company for the Task

It is important for the right contractor to be put in charge of your bridge demolishing project. You want to make sure the blasting aspect of the project is well controlled to prevent damage from other areas of your pond. A professional contractor will make sure holes are strategically drilled into the rocks that the piles (poles) are situated in. Explosives will then be placed in the holes to bring the bridge down in a controlled manner.

3. Making Sure You are Not Left with a Lot of Debris

You must be prepared for a pile of debris being left behind after the bridge has been demolished. Renting a large dumpster is a great way to get rid of the debris, but you might need to hire a contractor to put it into the dumpster. It is also possible that the demolition contractor will clean the debris up on your behalf.

4. Getting a New Bridge Constructed Over the Pond

Once the damaged bridge has been removed, you can start planning for a new one to be constructed. There are several bridge types that you can choose between, so make your decision wisely. For instance, if you opt for a wooden bridge, make sure it is treated for protection against water and pests. There are also cobblestone, metal, and other types of bridges to consider.

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