Eliminating Condensation-Related Water Leaks From Your Commercial Property

No business owner wants to discover a water leak in his or her commercial building. Leaking water could damage delicate electronic equipment and create an unsafe work environment for employees. While many people assume that these leaks are caused by a faulty roof, the culprit could be condensation.

Here are three things that you can do to eliminate condensation if your roofing contractor determines that it's condensation causing your commercial water leaks.

1. Install a vapor barrier.

Eliminating the diffusion of moisture within your commercial building is critical if your water leaks are caused by condensation. In order to prevent temperature differentials between your indoor commercial space and the exterior environment from allowing condensation to become a serious problem, your roofing contractor can install a vapor barrier.

A vapor barrier is a coating or membrane made from thin plastic. This membrane prohibits the moisture created through the condensation process from penetrating your commercial property's building envelope, allowing you to effectively eliminate any future water leaks caused by condensation.

2. Add more insulation.

Condensation occurs when hot and cold air come into contact with each other. You can reduce the potential for condensation within your commercial space by adding some more effective insulation to the building in order to eliminate contact between indoor and outdoor air of differing temperatures.

Insulation products with a high R-value will provide greater insulation against heat transfer, effectively preventing the water leaks caused by condensation by reducing the likelihood that condensation will occur in the first place. Your roofing contractor can add more insulation to the attic or crawlspace in your commercial building to help you control water leaks.

3. Increase ventilation.

When warm air becomes trapped inside your commercial property, condensation can occur. Providing the heated air produced by your HVAC unit with an escape route through your building's roof can be a simple and effective way to eliminate the water leaks associated with condensation.

Your roofing contractor can install additional vents through your building's roof to facilitate the ventilation of warm air and eliminate condensation issues in the future.

When you take the time to realize how condensation can contribute to water leaks within your commercial property, it becomes easy to see that addressing condensation should be a priority. Work with your roofing contractor to identify the root cause of your property's condensation, then install a vapor barrier, add some insulation, or install additional vents to eliminate condensation-related leaks from your company's future.

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