Buying An Older Home? What You Should Have Inspected First

If you are buying an older home, you need to be careful that you inspect things before you purchase it. Some things are an easy fix but others will be more expensive. Below are three of these things to help you get started in this process.


If there is a sewer on the property, hire a sewer company to inspect it for you. Also, ask the homeowner or the realtor how long it has been since this has been done. This is especially important if the house has been sitting on the market for some time.

The contractor will inspect the piping to ensure it is in good shape. Even if there are small cracks, these can become worse over time resulting in a leak. If the pipes are old, the contractor may suggest you have them replaced. If this is not in your budget or the contractor does not find the cracks have a lot of damage they can reline the pipes for you to help them last longer. This also means that a contractor will not have dig a lot of soil on your property to reach the pipes.

This process involves blowing a tube that has been coated with resin into the damaged pipes. Over time, the resin hardens and it will be just like installing brand new pipes.


The foundation is the most important thing on a house as this is what the home rests on. Walk around the home and closely inspect the foundation. Even though any foundation can have problems no matter the age, it is more likely to happen when the foundation is very old.

You may see tiny cracks on the foundation and this is normal because a home will shift a little over time. If you see a lot of deeper cracks, however, this could result in a big problem for you. Water will leak into the cracks which will weaken the foundation and eventually the foundation could completely fail. This also causes the soil around the foundation to shift and move, as the soil will not be as compacted when it is constantly wet.

Hire a foundation contractor if you even suspect problems with the foundation. If extreme problems are found this can be an expensive repair.

You may want to hire a home inspector to inspect the home for you. They will know of other things to look for that you may not. Your real estate agent can likely get you in touch with an inspector in your area.