10 Helpful Ways To Get Annoying Wrinkles Out Of Your Pool Liner

Wrinkles in a pool liner aren't just unsightly annoyances that drive you crazy every time you look at them; they can also be symptomatic of other, sometimes more serious issues. The following 10 steps can practically guarantee resolution to the oft-perplexing problem of wrinkles in your pool liner.

1. Keep The Pool Topped Off

If the water levels in your pool aren't high enough, this may cause the wrinkles in the liner that are driving you crazy. Refresh the level of water as it becomes depleted, especially through splashing, as more water may be going out of your pool than you think. With a proper level of water, minor wrinkles should unfold.

2. Buy A Toilet Plunger, Just For Your Pool

Wrinkles at the bottom of your pool may disappear easily with the use of an ordinary bathroom plunger. Make sure you buy a new one, rather than using the one you already have. Prop the plunger around the perimeter of the wrinkles, and apply pressure to the device. The suction action should alleviate the unsightly wrinkles immediately.

3. Raise The Temperature

Since colder temperatures cause things to contract, your pool liner may be curling up because the water isn't warm enough. Try raising the temperature and see if the wrinkles don't resolve. Once you have everything smoothed out, you should be able to return the water to a comfortable temp, although the wrinkles may return if the water gets too cool again.

4. Take A Walk On The Bottom

Using your feet, preferably in combination with the feet of a few other people, walk along the liner slowly, pushing in one direction with your feet. The combination of weight and force should iron out the liner, leaving it mostly smooth as you walk out the wrinkles.

5. Inspect The Liner For Leaks

If your liner has sprung a leak somewhere, this can create wrinkles. Escaping water is pushed up behind the liner, causing bubbles and/or wrinkles. Especially if you suddenly notice the wrinkles after not having seen them, your pool may have a stealth leak in the area.

6. Talk To A Landscaper

Depending on how and when your pool was created, roots may now be growing too close to it on different sides. This bulging may push against your pool, creating anomalies in the surface of the liner. Even if you don't have any trees right on top of the pool area, underground roots may still be culpable; thus, asking a landscaper about the issue should help you resolve it.

7. Check Your pH Levels

Some acid-based water cleaners, combined with a low pH level, can cause distortion of the pool liner. If your pH is off and you use this type of cleansing agent, consider modifying your chemical concoction to something more alkaline that doesn't rely on chlorine for sanitizing.

8. Empty The Pool

If none of the above methods solve your problems with liner wrinkles and you're concerned the matter is beyond cosmetic, empty the pool and inspect the liner thoroughly. You can use a wet/dry vacuum to force air out of the area between the pool's frame and liner, then, as you refill the pool, walk on the liner to work out any remaining wrinkles.

9. Consider Installing A New Liner

If your liner is old or has been exposed to extreme conditions, replacement may be the only way to resolve your wrinkle problem. If you notice discoloration, bacteria staining, flaking, or a different color below the water level, chances are good the liner is past due for replacement.

10. Ask A Pool Contractor For Help

Because your pool is an investment, it's important to stop at any point in your repair process and ask for professional help from a company like Anchor Pools & Spas if you're not sure about something. You don't want to inflict permanent damage or leave your pool unusable for any time during peak season. While a lot of pool maintenance can be taken care of via the DIY route, sometimes the help of a pro is needed.

Stop having nightmares about those annoying wrinkles at the bottom of your pool and take decisive action. Then, you can get back to the business of enjoying every minute in your backyard paradise.