Window Units Or Central Air? Pick Your Investment Carefully

For a lot of the world, the seasons just aren't what they used to be. Comfort needs can change quickly as hot, summer-like days enter during winter months, or a frigid day interrupts the summer. These weird weather days are a perfect time to evaluate your air conditioning options to make sure that you're getting the comfort you need without paying high operational and maintenance costs. Here are a few things at risk and a few things to gain when comparing window-mounted air conditioning units against central air.

Central Air For Full Building Climate Control

Central air conditioning units are far more than just the big box mounted outside. A system of air ducts, electrical paths, and a heating component come together to create an airflow system that should keep your entire home or business at a stable temperature as long as the system is on.

It's a bigger investment than window-mounted units, but the convenient points of central air units are undeniable. As long as the system is well-maintained, you can rely on careful temperature controls and energy-saving options that can make the system a wise investment.

Unfortunately, when air conditioning units fail, it can get expensive. Small electrical failures aren't any more expensive than most other electronics as long as the problem is close to the outside of the system, but any deep, engineering-level repairs or full replacements can reach into the thousands.

Compared to the cost of replacing a window unit for a couple hundred dollars or less, central air can seem like a scary leap. If the energy-saving features fail, you may have one of the most expensive electrical drags on the block until it's fixed.

That said, there are some buildings that window units can't cool. The money spent on multiple window units can exceed a single central air unit if you're cooling a large home or business, and breakdowns for individual units matter more when you need to replace two or three units.

Window Unit Selection And Proper Installation

Window units are much more affordable by the box when compared to central air units of the same price. You could pick one up from a department store, or ask an air conditioning (AC) services professional for their opinion on a good system without spending thousands on average.

You can install the window units by adding them to the window and closing the window, but it's not optimal. All air conditioning units cool by measuring the room/building temperature, and if the outside air is leaking in through gaps, the air conditioning unit will work harder to compensate for temperature changes.

The best way to ensure proper window unit performance is to have an AC services professional load, seal, and maintain the unit. There are types of tape or foam used to cover up window gaps, but an AC services professional can use better sealing material and precise measurements to ensure a seal that keeps leaks out longer.

Contact an AC repair expert to discuss your options between window and central air units, or to get maintenance and upgrades to your current system. To learn more, contact a company like All American Air & Electric, Inc.