Using Brick To Quick Add To Your Home's Exterior Appeal

Whether you have a brick front home and think that complimenting it with a brick veranda will give the exterior a more striking appearance or want to add a rustic accent, you just can't go wrong. By hiring a professional contractor like Central Arizona Block who uses a time-tested bricklaying technique, you can give your home exterior an entirely new ambiance within a few days. Here are several of the ways that you can use brick in your next home exterior project to add comfort, dimension, style and your own personal touch to the outside of your home:

The Terraced Lawn

If you like gardening but don't have a whole lot of room in which to plant every variety in which you most enjoy tending to, a brick terraced lawn can help to keep the area organized. Terraced gardens and lawns also cut down on the amount of weeding that you will have to do as there will be less space for the roots of weeds to take hold. Imagine being able to have layer upon layer of rich soil encased with gorgeous bricks housing your backyard garden area.

A Brick Walking Path

For homeowners that don't want to have concrete slabs making up their walkways and paths, bricks are practical and fun. Brick walking paths are less expensive to have installed by contractors, and you also have more control over the way that your path will look. You can even choose to have your brick walking paths extend all around your property, leading to the sitting areas, patio, garden, and backdoor.

Brick Lined Front Porch

Even if you already have a front porch on your property you can make it look unique just by adding bricks. Ask your contractor to use sand lime bricks if you don't necessarily want the traditional red brick front porch but still desire a traditional design. You can also select bricks with a slightly rounded edge to go around the corners of your porch if you want there to be a softer finish.

Building A Brick Fire Pit

Many homeowners enjoy cooking on their outdoor grills and others aren't opposed to building backyard campfires when guests stay well into the night. Having a brick fire pit will allow you to cook, socialize, and relax in one central, permanent and comfortable location. It won't be hard for your contractor to construct a brick bench close by the fire pit so that you family can stay warm by the fire burning in your custom built backyard fire pit.