Winter's Almost Here: How To Protect Your Portable Propane Tanks

Now that winter is just about here, it's time to close up shop on your summer barbecues. That means it's time to put your barbecue to bed for the winter. If you've got propane tanks, it's also time to take care of those. You might not realize this, but your propane tanks are susceptible to winter damage, especially the regulator valves. If your propane tanks are properly winterized, the regulator valves could freeze, which could put you, and your neighbors in harms way. To protect your propane tanks this winter, here are four simple steps you should take immediately.

Replace the Damaged Ones

Now that you're done with the barbecue for the year, it's time to inspect your propane tanks. Look for signs of rust, dents, or loose valves. If you notice problems with your tanks, don't bother trying to repair them. Trying to repair damaged propane tanks can lead to serious injuries. Instead, replace your damaged tanks with new ones from a propane company.

Get Them Off the Ground

If you've been storing your propane tanks on the ground, it's time to put that practice to an end. Leaving your tanks on the ground is putting the regulator at risk for freezing. To prevent that, you should store your tanks off the ground during the winter. Place them on wood pallets, or storage racks until the weather warms up again.

Point the Regulator Vent Holes in the Right Direction

After you've gotten your propane tanks off the ground, and they're ready for winter storage, you'll need to take a look at the regulator vents. You'll notice a small hole on each regulator. During storage, those vent holes should be pointing down, towards the ground. This will ensure that any moisture will drip out of the regulator, instead of into the tank. Before you move on to the next step in the storage process, make sure each vent hole is in the right position for optimum safety.

Don't Leave Them Exposed

Once you have your propane tanks off the ground, you'll still need to take a couple more preventative measures. One of those measures will include covering them up. You don't want to leave your propane tanks exposed to the elements. Purchase tank covers from your local home improvement store, and give your tanks the protection they need. If you're using a storage rack, it's a good idea to cover the entire rack with an insulated cover. This will provide an added layer of protection for your propane tanks.