3 Tips To Help You Trench A Fence For Your Garden

If you want to keep pests out of your garden, the best way to do so is by putting up a fence around your garden. Putting a fence around your garden will help keep the pests out of your garden and protect your crops. When you put in a fence, you are going to need to create a trench around your garden. A trench allows you to place your fence not just above ground, but in the ground as well. This will help keep out pests that live to dig down in order to get into your garden.

Mark the Perimeter of Your Fence

The first thing you need to do is determine exactly where you want your fence to go around your garden. You are going to want to mark the perimeter of where you want your fence to go. These markers will help focus your trench digging.

One of the best ways to mark the perimeter of your fence is with wooden stakes. Hammer wooden stakes along the perimeter of your garden. As you place each stake, be sure to re-measure and make sure that you are creating a straight line. Then, take a string and stretch it from one stake to another. This will help really visually mark out where your fence should go.

Finally, paint a line on the ground along where the string and wooden stakes are located. You can use spray paint to create a line on the ground. This line is where you need to paint.

Mark Out Trench Line

Second, mark out your trench line. You are going to want your trench line to extend about half a foot from either side of the line that you sprayed on the ground. You can even use a second paint color to create another line on the ground so you can see exactly how wide you need to dig your trench.

You want the trench line to be wide enough for you to place your fence in the ground and wide enough for any anchors, such as cement to secure posts, to be put in place.

Use the Right Tools

When you have marked out the trench line, it is time to start digging. Although you can use a regular shovel, this is not the most effective method for digging out a trench. Instead, you should invest in or rent a trenching shovel. A trenching shovel has a unique shape that will allow you to dig at a quicker pace without the same level of physical exertion that a regular shovel would entail. A trenching shovel will also help you create a solid wall instead of a sloped hole.

As you dig the hole, make sure that you have a central place for putting the dirt. You are going to want to put the dirt around the fence posts once they are installed. At the same time, you don't want the dirt to get in your way when you are installing, so create piles of dirt out of the way of your work area.

When digging a trench for a garden fence, make sure that you accurately measure and mark where you want the fence to go and use the right tools, like a trenching shovel, to dig the trench in the most effective manner. You can hire fence trenching services for professional help as well.