Make An Outdated Kitchen Look New By Replacing Several Features

Although you can meet all your basic needs in the kitchen with outdated features, you may not like how the room looks, and inefficiency may become increasingly noticeable over time. If you plan on staying in the home for a long time, you should feel confident about getting minor kitchen remodeling services. Even if you are open to selling it in a few years, the return on investment is over 80 percent.

Focusing on several outdated features can provide you with improved functionality and looks.


Old laminate or tile countertops may be keeping your kitchen from looking modern. Even though you can replace the grout to maintain clean countertops, the look will not change. Going with natural or engineered stone is an easy way to modernize your kitchen countertops. If you want to keep initial costs to a minimum, you can get laminate countertops that look modern.

With enough looking around, you should be able to find laminate styles that mimic the look of wood, stone, or concrete, which means you can keep searching until you find one that you love.


The cabinets are another feature that you should consider changing when you want to prevent your kitchen from looking outdated. By looking at showcase kitchens, you should be able to find trendy wood colors and stains that you can choose from to make your cabinets look stylish.


When you look up in many old kitchens, you may gaze upon rather unattractive lighting setups. You can make a huge improvement to your kitchen by upgrading the lighting fixtures. Going with a chandelier or pendant lighting in the kitchen will help you create a modern look. Recessed lights are a great way to get the light you need while taking a neutral approach with overhead lighting.

Once you start getting creative with the lighting, you can install under-cabinet lighting as well as lights inside glass-door cabinets to showcase your luxurious or collectible kitchenware.


After replacing the countertops, cabinets, and lighting fixtures, having old appliances in the kitchen will still prevent the space from looking modern and attractive. Going with stainless steel appliances is the easiest way to create a modern look in your kitchen, but it is not necessary.

Going with black, dark gray, or even a bold color such as red can work out well, especially when you make sure all the appliance colors are matching and work well with the surrounding features.

Replacing features in your kitchen is an easy way to get rid of an outdated look.