4 Tips To Help With Repairs And Restoration Of Old Brickwork That Is Falling Apart

Over the years, wear can take its toll on brickwork, and sometimes, this damage is unsightly. There are several options that you may want to consider when you need to have masonry restorations done, such as new mortar joints, tuckpointing or removal and reinstallation of materials. Here are some tips to help you with the repairs and restoration that brickwork needs when it begins to fall apart:

1. Tuckpointing Techniques to Reface Damaged Masonry with A New Finish

Refacing the surface of brick with a mortar material is called tuckpointing. This is a method that can be used to change the appearance of masonry work and hide damage that comes with aging brickwork and wear. Tuckpointing is an economical option to restore the face of brick that has damage like severe cracks that can be difficult or impossible to repair.

2. Replacement of Mortar Joints That Have Begun to Crumble and Cause Brick Damage

Replacement of mortar joints is another method that can be used to restore and renovate damaged brickwork. If the damage to the brickwork is due to mortar joints eroding or being damage, then having the mortar joints replaced is ideal. Replacing the mortar joints may not be possible for masonry restorations if there are cracks in the brick and other damage.

3. Removal and Replacement of Brick to Blend Materials for Better Looking Restorations

Sometimes, the damage to brickwork may be so bad that it needs to be completely removed. The old bricks can be removed and reinstalled with new mortar to repair damage and make repairs less noticeable. This is something that may be needed to restore masonry in areas where options like mortar joint replacements and tuckpointing are not possible or practical.

4. Blending New Brickwork in With Old Masonry for Remodeling and Addition Projects

There may also be reasons why you want to install new bricks for remodeling or additions. This can make the new masonry stick out in an unsightly way. To make remodeling and additions less obvious, the brickwork can be blended together by removing some of the old masonry work and mixing them in with the new to make repairs and new brickwork less noticeable and your project more attractive.

These are some tips to help with the repairs and restoration of brickwork that has begun to fall apart. If you need help with restoring old brickwork with unsightly damage, contact a masonry service and talk to a mason about some of these options for restoration.