Why Artificial Grass Is A Good Choice For Your Daycare Playground

When you operate a daycare center, you're always looking for ways to keep the kids safe. One thing you have to consider is the playground surface. Kids fall frequently, and the wrong surface could cause a serious injury. You should look into using artificial playground grass under your swings, climbing domes, and slides. Here's why it's the ideal match for your needs.

The Look Of Grass Beautifies Your Property

Artificial grass looks like natural grass with an abundance of soft green blades. This creates an attractive play area for kids and the lush green appearance beautifies your property at the same time. Artificial grass is more appealing than rubber mulch since the grass looks natural. Your playground always looks like it's situated on a well-maintained lawn and that can reflect well on your daycare. Installing the grass is a matter of starting with a solid base such as concrete or asphalt and adding a foam underlayment that's hidden under artificial blades of grass. The end result is a beautiful play area that kids, employees, and parents will enjoy.

Artificial Grass Is Easy To Maintain

Although the grass looks natural, it only requires a fraction of the care that real grass needs. There are different types of artificial grass, so you'll need to follow the manufacturer's instructions for care, but it could be as simple as raking the grass every few months to fluff up the blades. Of course, if you have trees around, you'll want to pick up leaves, and you'll need to clean up accidents made by the kids, but as far as care of the actual grass goes, you won't have to do much and the grass will stay strong and attractive for many years.

Artificial Grass Makes Playgrounds Safer

You can buy artificial grass made specifically for playgrounds that has been tested to be safe for kids. Playground grass has a foam underlayment that cushions falls and provides support that makes it easy for kids with disabilities to use with mobility devices. The cushioning effect of the grass reduces the risk of bruises, head injuries, scrapes, and broken bones from a fall. Artificial grass is much safer than concrete or asphalt which can cause serious injuries from a fall. It's also safer than wood mulch since it eliminates the risk of splinters and cuts. Plus, both wood and rubber mulch can shift and create shallow areas that don't provide much protection at all. Artificial grass is also clean and neat, unlike sand that can fill shoes and get inside clothing.

While the grass is attractive and easy to care for, the most important reason to have it installed is to improve safety for your kids. This also puts parents' minds at ease and can be a beneficial marketing point for your daycare.

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