Safety Features To Add To Your Sidewalk

If you're planning to have a new sidewalk installed leading up to your home, there's some decisions that you'll have to make. Here, you'll find a few features to consider including in the design of your new sidewalk.

Steps or No Steps

If your sidewalk must go up or down a slope, are steps something to consider? Steps can be dangerous or can prevent some people from making it safely to your front door. If you are getting older, or have family and friends that require a wheelchair to get around, it's probably in your best interest to skip the steps and have the sidewalk designed to slope gently.

In some cases, the sidewalk may need to include some changes in direction to help lessen the severity of the slope. This can be done in a decorative way so that it looks great even if it does have to extend to other areas of the property that you hadn't planned on.


You don't want to slip and fall while you're carrying the 10 bags of groceries from the car to the house – traction control on the sidewalk is crucial. This can be done by creating a textured finish on concrete sidewalks. You can choose from a number of designs, including stamped designs that can be custom made.


Are you physically capable of going out and clearing the sidewalk each and every time that it snows? If you're getting up there in the years, or just don't have the physical capabilities to get out there and shovel that heavy snow, think about including a de-icing system to the sidewalk.

This type of system is installed underneath the surface of the sidewalk. You can have it set up to either automatically turn on to de-ice the surface when temperatures dip below freezing, or you can set it up to only turn on when you manually do so. When the snow falls, the elements under the surface begin to warm the concrete to the point where all of the snow and ice melt away – no more need to lug around heavy bags of rock salt, nor will you need to get that shovel out anytime in the near future.

Talk with your sidewalk contractor to learn more about the safety features that you can include in the design of the new sidewalk leading to your home. When it's all said and done, you'll have what you need to get your through many, many years of going in and out of your home safely.