Bad Smell Coming Out Of Your Bathroom Drain? 2 Common Causes Of This To Happen

If you smell a bad smell when you stand over your bathroom drain or when you run water, then this can be due to different things. Below are three common causes so you can contact a plumber to take care of the issue for you.

Buildup in Plumbing Pipes

Over time, a film can build up inside the plumbing pipes. This can be due to soap, skin cells, shaving cream and other facial products, and toothpaste. The bacteria that grows is slimly and black and is known as biofilm. Fortunately, it is easy to determine if you have this problem. Simply remove the sink stopper and inspect it. If you see slime that is shiny and black, then you likely have this inside your pipes.

You can try to take care of this problem on your own. Purchase a product on the market that is made specifically to clean plumbing pipes. If you do not want to purchase a product like this, you can try using a solution of half vinegar and half water. Put this in a bucket and pour it down the drain. When finished, pour a bucket full of hot water down the drain.

If you still continue to smell the bad smell, you should hire a plumber. This is because you need to remove the plumbing pipes under the sink to thoroughly clean them. Also, the plumber may detect the film is also present on pipes that you would not have access to.

P-trap or Vent Problems

If your drain has a sewer smell, then you likely have sewage in the drain. This not only has a bad smell but can also be dangerous for you and your family. This is because sewage emits gasses that are dangerous for you to breathe in.

There are two things that may cause this problem. One, the p-trap may be dry. This p-trap should also have water. This is because the water acts as a barrier to keep the gas and sewage out of your bathroom drain. Another culprit is the vent that is in the pipes. If this vent is broken or deteriorated, sewage can easily get through.  This is common if you have bathrooms in your home that you do not use often. To fix this, run the water in your sink for a few minutes to get water into the p-trap.

If this is a bathroom that you use on a daily basis, the vent is likely the problem.  You should hire a professional plumber to repair this problem for you. The plumber will not only replace the vent but clean the pipes for you to get rid of the smell.

Your plumbing professional can give you much more information about these problems, as well as other things that can cause a bad smell in your bathroom drain.