Benefits And Types Of Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches allow you to control light intensity from a light fixture. The control allows you to get either bright or low-intensity light from the same bulb.


Although dimer bulbs are relatively expensive compared to regular bulbs, they do have numerous benefits. Below are some of these benefits.

Energy Savings

Dim lights draw less electricity than bright lights. Thus, dimmer switches allow you to save lighting energy when you don't need bright lights. The savings are good for both the environment and for your pocket in terms of reduced utility bills.

Lamp Durability

Light bulbs don't last forever; they eventually burn out and have to be replaced. Dimming a light bulb reduces the wear and tear on the bulb. Therefore, bulbs that are sometimes dimmed last longer than bulbs that are always bright.


One of the reasons for dimming light fixtures is to change the lighting mood or appearance of the house. This may be useful, say, if you are entertaining guests and you don't need those bright lights or if you have a party and it is time to hit the dance floor.

Light Balance

If you want to light up a big room effectively and uniformly, then you should use multiple smaller lights in different locations instead of one big light. Dimmer switches allow you to balance your lights by switching on multiple light fixtures and then dimming them slightly.

Fixture Versatility

Lastly, a dimmer switch also allows you to use the same light fixture for different purposes. For example, you can brighten the light when you want to read and dim it when you want to watch a movie. That way, you don't have to install multiple light fixtures for different tasks.


Although dimmers perform similar purposes, there are different types of dimmers depending on their controls. Below are three popular types of dimmer switches.


Some dimmer switches come with a slider that you move to control light intensity. The slider can either be on the front of the switch or to the side.


There are also dimmer switches that come with buttons that you tap on to control light intensity. The button can either be a physical one or a touch-screen one.

Smart Dimmers

Lastly, there are smart dimmers that you can program to vary light intensity at predetermined times. Most of these dimmers also feature a remote control, which allows you to control light fixtures from anywhere in the room.

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