3 Important Reasons To Schedule Regular Chimney Cleanings

If you live in a home with a wood stove or fireplace, you understand that there's nothing quite like getting cozy by the fire with a book or your favorite television show. However, it's important to take the time each year to be sure that your chimney is clean. Scheduling regular chimney cleanings help to ensure that you're burning wood as cleanly and safely as possible so that your family stays safe throughout the winter. There are several important reasons to schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection now, including: 

Clear Debris from the Chimney

When your wood stove or fireplace are not being used, it's common for birds or other animals to make nests near the top of it. This is especially true if you don't have a cap on your chimney. A chimney sweep can remove any debris, old nests, or other materials that have built up in your chimney throughout the seasons. This full chimney cleaning helps prevent potential blockages or fires when you start your first fire in the fall. 

Remove Creosote Buildup

As you use your fireplace or wood stove throughout the fall and winter, creosote can build up on the internal walls of your chimney. This build up becomes quite flammable and needs to be removed on a regular basis. Schedule a chimney cleaning each year so that a professional can remove creosote buildup and help you to limit the possibility of a chimney fire.

Keep Your Chimney in Working Order

Over time, chimneys can develop cracks, chips, or fall into disrepair. If you're moving into a new house or if you've never used your fireplace before, it's important to have the fireplace and chimney inspected to make sure that it's safe. Keep your chimney in working order to prevent fires and ensure that everyone in your home stays safe. This inspection is a vital part of setting up house in a new home, but should also be completed every several years in inhabited homes. These inspections help residents be certain that their chimneys, stoves, and fireplaces are all working efficiently and safely. 

If you're planning to burn wood this fall and winter, reach out to a local contractor to schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection. This will help ensure that you're ahead of the fall rush, and that your stove and chimney are ready to go when the cold autumn winds begin to blow. Keep your family as safe as possible with ongoing fireplace maintenance.