The Custom Home Design Guide For Modern Open Concept Designs

If you are planning on building a new home, there are several options that you may want to consider for the design. Some of the designs could be contemporary home designs with an open concept. There are a lot of options to take the open concept beyond just the kitchen and family room. The following custom home design guide will help walk you through open concept designs:

  • Contemporary Designs with Natural Light—The first thing that you want to consider for the modern home design is natural light. Therefore, you want to have the right number of windows to get direct natural light. You also want open space and features that allow the natural light to be reflected throughout your home. The windows and natural light features also help with a passive heating design to keep you warm during the winter months.
  • Give Your Modern Design Passive Heating and Cooling—One of the features that you will want to consider for your modern home design is passive heating and cooling. This can be done with the right combination for direct sunlight through windows and ventilation for passive cooling. For passive cooling, you want the architectural design to include high windows that allow the hot air to escape during the summer months.
  • Open Ceilings for the Interior of Contemporary Home Designs—Ceilings are important to give any home a more contemporary design. Rather than custom ceilings that are only in areas like kitchens and living rooms, you can continue the high ceilings throughout your home design. This can be done with parapet walls that partition rooms, and open air space throughout the contemporary design.
  • Using The Modern Design To Unite Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces—One of the features that you may want to contemporary home design is outdoor living space. Therefore, you want to consider features that help unite the indoor and outdoor areas. Some ideas to create an integrated space for interiors and outdoor designs include:
    • Retractable windows, glass, and walls
    • Interior planters with landscaping similar to outdoor spaces
    • Surfaces that start indoors and continue through outdoor living space

Add these features to the design to unite the indoor and outdoor spaces of your new custom home design.

Open-concept designs are a great way to make the most out of the available space in your home. When you get ready to start planning your open-concept design, contact a design-build home company and talk to them about these modern ideas.