The Distinct Advantages Of Clear Glass Shower Doors

Homeowners might want to make some changes to a small or large bathroom without spending a lot of money for a full remodeling project. Having new glass shower doors installed is one possibility. Clear glass models provide a variety of advantages as compared with curtains or opaque doors.

Doors vs. Curtains

A distinct advantage of any shower door compared with curtains is increased effectiveness at preventing water from leaking out. Frameless doors on a standalone shower either nestle in a recessed part of the floor or clamp down. Framed versions on a tub or standalone feature include hardware that keeps the sliding doors in place.

Small Bathrooms

Clear shower doors on a bathtub or a standalone model make a small room look bigger. In contrast, opaque models and curtains close off that part of the room. When someone walks in, the room looks even smaller than it actually is. With a standard bathtub and shower combination, opening up that area can add several feet of space to visibility.

Small Showers

The doors also are helpful in a relatively small shower area. The person who is bathing can see into the room instead of feeling a bit claustrophobic inside the enclosed space. If there is a window or skylight, the area is more open to natural light.

Large Bathrooms

These home improvement products also enhance a large bathroom. In any full bath environment, the shower can be the first feature people notice when they come in. Clear doors look classy and fit with any room style, from old-fashioned and traditional to ultra-modern. It gives the area a more streamlined appearance.

Changing the Interior

The homeowners might touch up the interior of the shower stall to make it prettier. That's an important consideration since now everyone who comes into this room can see through the glass.

Simply adding a new corner rack or caddy could make a difference. A towel rack in the back might hold a mat that complements the wall color. A standalone shower with enough room could have an attractive seat or bench added. This is especially appealing if someone in the home or a regular overnight guest has trouble standing for any length of time.

Getting Started

Contractors who install these home improvement products can show prospective customers a portfolio of available designs. They may display many or even all of the options provided by a particular supplier. After installation, homeowners can feel very satisfied with the upgrade.

For more information, contact a glass shower door supplier.